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Being Fare - Salad Sprouter

SKU: 13525

by Being Fare

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What is Being Fare Salad Sprouter?

Being Fare Salad Sprouter is a great growing kit that can help you grow fresh salad effortlessly anywhere in the house - all year round.

Key Benefits

  • Grows fresh salad
  • Saves money when growing your own salad!
  • Can be kept in your house

Key Features

  • Complete bean/seed growing kit
  • 3 heavy-duty sprouting shelves
  • Just add water

What We Think

Great present or gift for yourself or a friend/someone in the family.

Product Information

Includes 3 heavy duty sprouting shelves, 1 overflow container, packet of alfalfa seeds nutritional chart. Complete instructions.

Measurements: Each of the three sprouting trays measure approximately 15cm square and are 4cm deep, as does the green base tray. There is no lid, in order to allow the air to circulate around all the sprouts.


  • Being Fare - Salad Sprouter


Comes with alfalfa seeds.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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