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Airlift - Capsules - 40 tub

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by Air-Lift

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What is Airlift Capsules?

Airlift Capsules are Contains A Bad Breath Inhibitor That Eliminates VSC

Key Benefits

  • Can help to give naturally fresh breath
  • Effective against oral halitosis
  • Can help to eliminate bad breath 24 hours a day

Key Features

  • Designed to fight bad breath
  • Free from alcohol
  • Contains natural ingredients

What We Think

Safe for daily use which gives you confidence that your breath is fresh even after indulging in spicy food.

Product Information

Air-Lift capsules contains a bad breath inhibitor that eliminates VSC (volatile sulfur compounds) responsible for bad odour. With extra virgin olive oil. Air-Lift is effective against oral halitosis and bad breath caused by foods, tobacco, alcohol, special diets and others. Swallow with water, for bad breath from the stomach! There is an Air-Lift product for every need: toothpaste, dental gum and mints.

Further Information

Does not contain any aggressive ingredients. Air-Lift has proven to reduce plaque and to improve gum health. Based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other essential oils.


  • Airlift - Capsules - 40 tub
  • Ingredients

    Extra Virgin olive oil, fish gelatin, glycerin, parsley oil, peppermint oil, water,chlorophyll oil, menthal oil.

    Suggested Use

    Swallow with water.


    If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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