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Biona - Cider Vinegar - 500ml

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by Biona

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What is Biona Cider Vinegar?

Biona Cider Vinegar is made from fresh, cold pressed organic apple juice.

Key Benefits

  • Oat matured
  • Great flavour
  • Not heat treated which preserves valuable enzymes

Key Features

  • 100% fresh
  • Cold pressed
  • Organic

What We Think

Cider Vinegar has been taken since biblical times, and ancient folk lore claims it cures more aliments than any other medicine.

Product Information

This Cider Vinegar is made from fresh, cold pressed organic apple juice. It is typically 5% vinegar. The pH of undiluted apple cider vinegar is generally between pH 4.25 - 5.00. In a study on type 1 diabetics, adding two tablespoons of vinegar to a meal lowered its glycaemic load (as measured by plotting the rise and fall in blood sugar levels after the meal) by 20%. The vinegar resulted in less high blood sugar spikes.


This study provides some scientific basis for the old wives' tale about cider vinegar and weight loss. In practical terms, this might mean eating a salad with a vinegary salad dressing, drinking a lime or lemon presse (minus the sugar) with food, or adding balsamic vinegar for flavour to a meal. For example, try 'steam-frying' Brussels sprouts and adding a little balsamic vinegar in the last few minutes of cooking.


Research has also found that adding lemon juice or vinegar reduces the formation of 'anti-glycation end-products' (AGEs), the often harmful oxidant compounds that are formed when food is cooked.


  • 100% Organic Apple Juice


100% Fresh, cold pressed organic apple juice.

Suggested Use

Cider vinegar adds healthy delicious flavour to salads, veggies and most foods.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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