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Coconut Merchant - Coconut Butter Rich and Creamy - 300g

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by Coconut Merchant

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What is Coconut Merchant Coconut Butter Rich and Creamy?

Coconut Merchant Coconut Butter Rich and Creamy is a delicious and natural alternative to traditional, dairy-based butters, with a delicious creamy flavour and sweetness.

Key Benefits

  • Delicious tasting
  • You can cook it, bake it or spread it!
  • Creamy, sweet flavour

Key Features

  • Organic & Gluten free
  • Raw & 0% cholesterol
  • Virgin cold pressed

What We Think

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is great for cooking and it is also one of the healthiest oils you can use!

Product Information

It differs from coconut oil in that it is made directly from the meat of the coconut itself. Rich in lauric acid, calcium, and magnesium, coconut butter can boost immunity and bone strength, as well as help diminish the strength of harmful bacteria and viruses.


Filled with healthy fats, coconut butter boosts metabolism and keeps you full for longer, aiding in weight loss! Coconut Merchant's product is also considered a functional food, where it has healing benefits beyond its nutritional contents.


  • Coconut Merchant - Coconut Butter Rich and Creamy - 300g


100% Coconut – the way it should be!

Suggested Use

Coconut butter can be widely used in cooking: in stir-fries, smoothies, spread on toast, substituted for butter in baking, or even just eaten on its own! Because of its low moisture content, it can be mixed straight into the batter or dough of breads and pastries. It can also enhance soups and be blended with smoothies.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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