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Danival - Fine Sea Salt - 1kg

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by Danival

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What is Danival Fine Sea Salt?

Danival Fine Sea Salt is light grey in colour and harvested manually from clay pans using traditional methods handed down over many generations.

Key Benefits

  • Great for everyday cooking
  • Can be used for spices, soups and dressings
  • Traditional fine sea salt

Key Features

  • Contains all natural minerals & trace elements
  • Naturally low lead element
  • Harvested from June to September

What We Think

Ideal for everyday cooking and baking in "salt crust".

Product Information

This sea salt is harvested by hand using traditional methods, on clay layer in the Atlantic salt marshes located in the heart of a natural park. It is the result of an ancestral know-how that the partner salt-maker of Danival has been perpetuating for 3 generations.


Once harvested the Atlantic sea salt is sun dried and then ground in the Danival workshops of the Moulin Andiran. It's a slightly gray salt, naturally low in lead and heavy metals and whose natural properties, minerals and trace elements have been preserved because it is unrefined, unwashed, untreated and additive-free. It conforms to the Danival Atlantic sea salt specifications controlled by an independent external organization.


As these methods involve no washing, refining or additives of any kind, this salt contains all its natural minerals and trace elements, and has a naturally low lead content. The salt is harvested from June to September, after drying out in the wind and sun through the long summer months.

Further Information

Gluten free, Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Wheat free.

Nutritional Information:

Average analysis of 100g unrefined salt: - sodium chloride: 95g - including sodium: 35g - magnesium : 0,1g - calcium : 0,2g - potassium: 0,05g


  • Danival - Fine Sea Salt - 1kg


Unrefined, untreated, additive-free, fine Atlantic Sea Salt.

Suggested Use

Use as desired on everyday cooking or you can use it in spices, soups, or dressings.


Store in a dry place. If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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