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DoMatcha - Ceremonial Tea - 30g

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by DoMatcha

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What is DoMatcha Ceremonial Tea?

DoMatcha Ceremonial Tea is a high grade Japanese tea.

Key Benefits

  • May help to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Helps to create immune-boosting activity

Key Features

  • Sweet and pleasant flavor
  • Promotes good health and wellbeing
  • High in anti-oxidants

What We Think

A traditional Japense tea we may all enjoy, feeling the benifits of a good health and wellbing.

Product Information

Ceremonial grade matcha is brought to you directly from the Uji region in Japan. Only the finest leaves are selected to guarantee the highest nutritional value as well as a sweet and pleasant flavor. Can be used to make thick or thin Matcha.Matcha is the oldest variety of shade grown Japanese green tea ground into a fine powder, and has been part of Zen Buddhist culture for over 800 years.


Unlike regular teas where the most nutritious tea leaves are thrown away along with the tea bag, Matcha green tea is mixed with water and consumed entirely. Thus, by virtue of “eating” the tea leaves rather than just drinking the water from it, one consumes 10 – 15 times the nutrients found in regular green teas.

Further Information

D������������Matcha is 100% authentic Japanese matcha green tea now grown in the southwestern corner of Japan in Kagoshima. We work very closely with our partners who have collectively been in the tea industry for over 700 years, Shohokuen one of our producers, and also the famous Japanese tea master Mr. Kazu Handa, whose family’s knowledge and expertise has been handed down generation after generation for over 300 years.


  • DoMatcha - Ceremonial Tea - 30g


100% Japanese Matcha Green Tea.

Suggested Use

Mix 1/2 to 1tsp of DoMatcha with a small amount of water to make a smooth paste, add hot water to taste. If whisk is used, add DoMatcha directly to hot water and whisk until frothy.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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