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Fill n Squeeze - Starter Pack

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by Fill n Squeeze

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What is Fill n Squeeze Starter Pack?

Fill n Squeeze Starter Pack is a filter system that has been cleverly created to help with feeding on the go!

Key Benefits

  • Helps support the weaning process
  • The pouches are reusable
  • Great for introducing new flavours and textures

Key Features

  • Multi functional pouch filler jug
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for babies 4 months onwards

What We Think

Fill N Squeeze is a great way to make and store home cooked meals for your baby and toddler.Great for on the go!

Product Information

The Fill n Squeeze starter pack is ideal for introducing babies to a variety of new flavours and textures. Make and store your own fresh homemade baby food and treats in a mess-free squeezable pouch! The system features 3 key stages and has been developed to help parents to wean their babies.

Stage 1 involves the preparation of fruit or vegetable purees with baby rice. Stage 2 introduces textures and flavours, simply blend family meals and watch as your baby enjoys the new experiences. At stage 3 the pouches can be filled with yoghurts, fruits or smoothies for all ages, and stored in the freezer ready for later.

Almost any food can be blended and served directly from pouch, or the contents can be squeezed onto a spoon if preferred. With its fun design and flexible use, the Fill n Squeeze starter pack is practical and helps to wean your little one. These pouches are perfect for providing your little one with fresh, healthy and homemade food on the go.

Further Information

Starter pack contains:

500ml pouch filler jug

Convertible plunger/masher

3 x 150ml reusable pouches

Jug cap



  • Fill n Squeeze Starter Pack

Suggested Use

The re-sealable pouches are an extremely convenient solution to store, freeze and warm food. They have been designed with an easy to hold curved design for baby to pick and are an ideal way to serve homemade baby food either direct from the pouch or onto a spoon.

The cute pouches certainly create less mess than the conventional bowl, but the best is they can quite literally be used anywhere and at any time, either as a meal or a snack for toddlers!

A pouch is ideal at mealtimes at home, kept in the freezer at grannies house for unexpected visits, on a picnic, travelling in the car, train or plane, perfect for a packed lunched (for the older kids) and a great way to ensure the little one gets his favourite food at the child minder or with the nanny.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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