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FMD - Flor-Essence Liquid - 500ml

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by FMD

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What is FMD Flor-Essence Liquid?

FMD Flor-Essence Liquid is a superior detoxifying herbal tea made from a traditional formula of eight herbs (Red clover, Kelp, Blessed thistle, Slippery elm, Turkish Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel, Watercress & Burdock root).

Key Benefits

  • Can help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Can help support the body's process of detoxifying and cleansing
  • May help support a healthy digestive system

Key Features

  • Contains a high level of antioxidants
  • Certified organic
  • Used by the Ojiwbe native Americans for hundreds of years

What We Think

Do you have symptoms such as tiredness, dark circle under your eyes, poor digestion, dull skin and ultimately more serious health problems? These may all be signs that your internal organs are struggling to cleanse your body of toxins and natural wastes.

Product Information

Flor Essence is an ancient, trusted, herbal remedy used by the Ojiwbe native Americans for hundreds of years. With a blend of eight herbs, it is a very precise formulation with a synergistic effect that is much more powerful than taking the herbs individually. Flor Essence does not provide an instant purgative effect; rather, with consistent use, its eight ingredients identify, gather and flush toxins out of the body.


  • FMD - Flor-Essence Liquid - 500ml


Filtered water, aqueous extract of: Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel Herb, Slippery Elm Bark, Watercress Herb, Turkish Rhubarb Root, Kelp, Blessed Thistle Herb, Red Clover Blossom, and natural Source Citric Acid. Contains no caffeine, preservatives or artificial colours.

Suggested Use

Shake well before use. Dilute 30-60ml once or twice daily with an equal to double amount of unfluoridated, purified hot water and sip slowly. Children over 2 years use 30ml once or twice daily.Drink on an empty stomach, 1/2 hour before any meal or at bedtime.


After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 weeks. If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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