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Good Ideas - Portable Facial Tanner

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by Good Ideas

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What is Good Ideas Portable Facial Tanner?

Good Ideas Portable Facial Tanner is a Filtered UV gives safe sunbathing without burning!

Key Benefits

  • Can give you a great all year round tan
  • Helps clears skin, spots and acne
  • Great facial tan!

Key Features

  • Automatic safety timer
  • UV tube lamps 15W (4x)
  • Protective eye goggles 2pairs included 230V 50Hz

What We Think

Enjoy a mere trace of a tan or a deep, attractive bronze naturally without burning. Your friends will be amazed at your new attractive appearance.

Product Information

At the flick of a switch the ultra-safe Tropic Deluxe Sunlamp will caress your body to a wonderful golden tan. The unique quartz tubes generate filtered UV rays, the nearest thing to sunshine, making sun tan cream unnecessary. In just a few minutes you can enjoy the benefits of what hours of sunshine bring.


Helps clear spots and acne in days by destroying the bacteria that causes skin blemishes and producing the essential vitamin D to tone up your whole body - used in hospitals and clinics for this very purpose.


  • Good Ideas Portable Facial Tanner


UV tube lamps 15W (4x).

Suggested Use

The Tropic Deluxe Sunlamp has an automatic 60 minute timer so you can dial in precisely the right exposure to suit your own skin type.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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