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High Five - Iso Gel - Citrus Plus - 60ml - Box of 25

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by High 5

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What is High Five Iso Gel Citrus Plus?

High Five Iso Gel Citrus Plus is Concentrated Sports Fuel For Instant Energy

Key Benefits

  • Real juice flavour
  • Great for sport recovery
  • Fresh tasting gel

Key Features

  • Scientifically formulated
  • With caffeine
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

What We Think

Great for endurance running.

Product Information

IsoGel Plus is a fresh tasting gel that has a consistency more like a sports drink. Unlike many other gels, you don’t need to drink extra water when you need a fast convenient energy boost. Each sachet delivers 23g of carbohydrate energy and 30mg caffeine. When taking IsoGel Plus as recommended, caffeine helps to increase concentration and increase alertness¹.An energy gel is a convenient instant energy boost during exercise. You simply open the top and take it straight from the sachet. When endurance racing you should always ensure that you are also well hydrated. ZERO is a great partner product for IsoGel Plus.Please consider the environment and keep the countryside clean by taking your empty gel wrappers with you after use. We can also recommend using a gel flask to carry your gel on a ride or run so you don’t have a problem with dispensing of the wrapper.


  • High Five - Iso Gel - Citrus Plus - 60ml - Box of 25
  • Ingredients

    Water, Glucose, Maltodextrin, Fruit Juice (Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry), acidity regulator (Tri Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Natural Flavouring, Tea Extract (Contains Caffeine), Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate), Sea Salt.

    Suggested Use

    Take up to 3 sachets per hour, less if you are also using a sports drink that contains carbohydrates.


    If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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