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Hydrea London - Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush (Hard Texture)

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by Hydrea London

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What is Hydrea London Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush?

Hydrea London Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush is ideal for wet or dry body brushing to smooth and invigorate the skin and body.

Key Benefits

  • Hard texture
  • May help exfoliate dead cells
  • May help improve skin condition

Key Features

  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Light weight
  • Made in the UK

What We Think

Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush is ideal for those trying dry brushing for the first time or for those with more sensitive skin.


This brush will help exfoliate away dead cells and perk up tired, dull skin, giving you a healthy luminous appearance!

Product Information

This beautiful brush is made in a traditional Japanese way where the bristle is held in place by steel wire making it flexible. The high quality sisal used in this brush is a good medium strength texture.


Sisal comes from the Agave Cactus which yields a stiff, durable, non-static fibre which is used to fill brushes. It is a great natural fibre for exfoliation to improve skin tone and condition.


This stylish body brush has an easy grip handle which is perfect for vigorous all over body exfoliation. It is also lightweight enough to take travelling and is the perfect beauty tool to treat the skin.

Further Information

Hydrea London provides the comprehensive range of high quality eco-friendly body care accessories and natural sea sponges.


The majority of their products are European in origin and made from the finest natural materials ethically sourced in 17 different countries.


  • Hydrea London - Japanese Spa Sisal Detox Brush


Made of 100% Sisal Fibres

Suggested Use

Massage in circular movements towards the heart for best results. After use, rinse thoroughly by hand, squeeze excess water out, reshape and leave to air dry naturally.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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