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Kent - Hair Brush Cleaner

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by Kent

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What is Kent Hair Brush Cleaner?

Kent Hair Brush Cleaner is a great product that can help remove dead hair and clean your hair brush!

Key Benefits

  • Clean your hairbrush weekly to maintain high hygiene levels
  • Can remove dead hairs and dust from your brush
  • Can help keep your hair free of any dirt

Key Features

  • Do not need any other accessories
  • Brush length 150mm width at grip 20mm length of nylon 20mm
  • No need for chemicals

What We Think

Love your hairbrushes by keeping them clean!

Product Information

Kent Hair Brush Cleaner removes dead hairs suitable for all types of brushes. Regular cleaning of your Kent Hairbrush will not only extend the life of your brush but will help prevent dirty and greasy hair.


  • Kent - Hair Brush Cleaner

Suggested Use

Regularly remove loose hair from the tufts of your brush by inserting a Kent Hair Brush Cleaner at the side of the brush and lifting the hair away. Repeat around the brush but don't scrape the Kent Hair Brush Cleaner through the brush. Wet-clean occasionally using warm, soapy water - never ammonia or harsh detergents. Submerge just the tufts, not the brush back/handle. Rinse off in cold water. Shake off surplus water then wipe gently in a towel.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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