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Kent - Maxi-Phat De-Tangle Brush

SKU: 16276

by Kent

We have 20+ in stock.

Key Features

  • Kent Brushes Perfect for Range
  • Medium cushioned head
  • Beech wood handle with inlayed rubber grips
  • Great for detangling medium/long hair
  • Non-scratch fat quills


Kent Brushes Perfect for... Range of brushes with beech wood handles. Economically designed to provide hair care for everyone. The range includes radial, ceramics, flat, rubber pad and cushions ball tipped quills and handbag designs in a wide choice of sizes.Why Bristle?Natural bristle is the perfect choice for looking after hair as the scaly surface of each bristle removes dust and excess products from hair. and smoothes the cuticles on the hair shaft, leaving hair looking shiny, healthy and free from frizz.Narrow, unisex, pure bristle grooming brush. Made in beech wood with rubber inserts. For livening up flat hair, the bristle cleans the hair, promotes shine and stimulates the scalp. Best for short-medium length hair.

RRP £189.99
Our Price £184.99