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Kent - Wooden Shaving Bowl with Soap

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by Kent

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What is Kent Wooden Shaving Bowl with Soap?

Kent Wooden Shaving Bowl with Soap is a light oak pot containing a luxury soap that is great for men when wet shaving.

Key Benefits

  • To be used in conjunction with bristle shaving brushes
  • A fine fougere fragrance
  • Includes extracts of lavender, pine, and clove

Key Features

  • Traditional shaving
  • Beechwood shaving bowl with luxury soap tablet
  • Kent Shaving Range

What We Think

Why wet shave? Primarily a wet shave results in a closer shave than that of an electric razor. The preparation, the scents and strong link to the past, associated with high quality wet-shaving products, turn the process, often viewed as a chore, to a pleasurable process. Most men feel that their skin condition improves remarkably from the exfoliating nature of a wet-shave and the moisturising attributes of the products used.

Product Information

Kent Shaving Range Offers shaving brushes: Wet shaving is one of the most effective skin care routines a man can indulge in. This traditional style of shaving is also the best, providing the closet and most comfortable shave available. Kent offers a range of badger and bristle shaving brushes to suit every face and every price point.


  • Kent - Wooden Shaving Bowl with Soap 

Suggested Use

Soak the bristle brush head in hot running water for full absorption

Dip the brush into shaving creamDo not press hard and avoid using a "scrubbing" action

Use a light stroking action, or gentle circular motion, bringing the tip of the brush head only into a lather

After use, rinse thoroughly, shake to remove surplus water, dry on a towel

Never put a damp brush in an enclosed space i.e. bathroom cabinet, or any type of container.

Hang upside down if possible


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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