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Munchy Seeds - Munchy Seeds Omega Sprinkle - 475g

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by Munchy Seeds

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What Are Munchy Seeds ?

A healthy snack of carefully blended and gently roasted premium quality seeds – perfect snacks for all the family. Savoury or hot variety available.

Key Benefits

  • High in Vitamin E, Iron and Zinc
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Good source of fibre and protein

Key Features

  • Healthy snack
  • Suitable for coeliacs & vegans
  • Made in the UK

What We Think

Amazing Meal is a great source of nutrients for people who are on the go and have no time to think about their healthy meals or snacks. It is also suitable for children and when mixed with some juice and fruits it makes it a very nutrient dense and tasty smoothie.


It really cannot be any easier to introduce whole foods into our daily lives.

Product Information

Seeds contain fantastic health benefits, particularly when combined. Packed full of nutrition, they help supply energy and support the immune system.


Essential fatty acids are a necessary part of a balanced diet. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds, are a very powerful antioxidant and good source of iron. Sunflower seeds also contain magnesium and selenium. Seeds can help to lower cholesterol and calm the nervous system. Flax seeds may help to maintain healthy digestion and hemp seed contains amino acids, the building blocks of protein.


A powerhouse of nutrition, seeds can be eaten as a healthy snack at any time of day. Helping to balance blood sugar levels, Munchy Seed packs are an excellent choice. They can be eaten straight from the packet, sprinkled on salads, mixed into soups, put on breakfast cereal, as a pasta topping – the list is endless.



  • 500g


  • Chilli Mix – Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Apricot Kernels, Pumpkin Seeds, Savoury Sauce – Sea Salt & Koji, Crushed Chillies
  • Omega Sprinkle – Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Hulled Hemp Seeds, Rape Seeds, Limseed, Flax, Savoury Sauce (Soyabeans, Sea Salt & Koji)



Store in a cool dark place.

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