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Pharma Nord - Bio Quinone Q10 Gold 100mg - 150 caps

SKU: 10152

by Pharma Nord


What is Bio Quinone Q10 Gold ?

Coenzyme Q10 acts as an energy booster and is the natural way to a healthier body. It may also help to maintain healthy heart, muscle and immune system.

Key Benefits

  • Boost your energy and fight tiredness
  • Recommended for people taking “statins”
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart

Key Features

  • Made under Danish pharmaceutical control
  • Sugar, yeast, dairy & gluten free
  • Recommended by Dr Chris Steele

What We Think

Dr. Chris Steele has been a regular on UK television for over 20 years and he recommends Bio-Quinone Q10:

“I’ve taken Q10 for years. It is vital for energy production and, as you get older, it becomes very important to top it up if you want to feel younger and keep active for longer. If you or any of your friends are complaining of tiredness you may need a Q10 supplement.”

Product Information

Coenzyme Q10 plays a vital role in the body’s energy supply. Its levels decrease with age, and are depleted by intense physical exercise, illness or in patients prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. It may help to supplement with Q10 to ensure an adequate level.


Coenzyme Q10 is found in every cell of our body and is involve primarily in energy production. Small amounts of Q10 can be found in sardines, soya oil and walnuts. Lack of Q10 can cause extreme tiredness, muscle weakness and gum disease.


Pharma Nord is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of preventive dietary supplements. Their philosophy is that all products must provide optimal bio-availability and physiological effect. This is only possible by making sure that both the raw materials selected and the production methods employed are adjusted to the manufacturing of superior quality.

Further Information

Nutritional Information per daily intake (1 capsule) :

  • Ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) 100mg


  • Bio Quinone Q10 Gold - 150 Capsules


Vegetable Oil, Fish Gelatine, Co-Enzyme Q10, Glycerol, Ammonia Caramel, Purifirld Water.

Suggested Use

The generally recommended intake for coenzyme Q10 is 60 to 400mg/day, taken with meals, to enhance absorption. Higher intakes may be recommended by professionals. Vegetarians may wish to pierce the capsule and squeeze the contents without consuming the shell.


Contains fish. Pregnant or nursing mothers and those on medication should consult a doctor before taking nutritional supplements.
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