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Potters Herbal Supplies - Catarrh & Congestion Relief - 60tabs

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by Potter's Herbals

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What is Potters Herbal Catarrh & Congestion Relief?

Potters Herbal Catarrh & Congestion Relief is Traditional Herbal Medicinal Product For Use in Nasal Congestion Relief

Key Benefits

  • Can help to relieve catarrh & congestion
  • No side effects
  • Can help to relieve thick phlegm

Key Features

  • 100% natural and herbal
  • Comes with garlic & extract of echinacea
  • Anti-oxidant

What We Think

Potter's Herbals are trusted herbal medicines and licenced in accordance with EU Legislation as traditional herbal medicines.

Product Information

When suffering from a blocked up nose, catarrh or nasal congestion, whether it’s hay fever in the summer or feeling the chills of winter, Potter's Antifect tablets can been used to help these symptoms. Potter’s Antifect tablets contain a blend of garlic and echinacea used to help provide relief whatever the time of year. Catarrh is an excessive build-up of thick phlegm or mucus in an airway or cavity of the body. Catarrh could arise from atmospheric pollution, such as pollen, or it could result from an attack by viruses or bacteria.

Further Information

Potter’s Herbals are used to treat a wide range of ailments.


  • Potters Herbal Supplies - Catarrh & Congestion Relief - 60tabs
  • Ingredients

    Each tablet contains: 30mg garlic powder, 1mg garlic oil, 13.2mg dry extract echinacea, also contains: sucrose.

    Suggested Use

    Adults and the elderly: take two tablets three times a day. Children over 12 years: take half the adult dose.


    If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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