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Silicium G5 Liquid - 1L

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by Silicium

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What is Silicium G5 Liquid?

It is a liquid version of organic silica which is essential for healthy connective tissue and the skin. It keeps the body energetic and young!

Key Benefits

  • Helps improve joint flexibility
  • Supports collagen production
  • Protects against free radicals

Key Features

    • Developed by world silica specialist Dr Le Ribault
    • Natural organic silica
    • Great for general wellness

What We Think

Silica, in the human body, is found in the cartilage, the ligaments, tendons and also on the walls of the blood vessels.


It supports the production of collagen and so it plays an important role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and blood vessels.


This Silicium G5 is made from 100 % organic silica for the best results and is used widely in the world!

Product Information

In 1994, the first liquid organic silica was obtained by Dr Loic Le Ribault and is now produced in Spain. As we get older the natural silica present in our bodies drops and needs to be replenished regularly to maintain the body’s natural functions.


Silica is an active ingredient which helps support general health. It is well known to be used for the regeneration of the skin and soft tissues, especially collagen and elastin. It is widely used in many cosmetic and anti-ageing fields.


Deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins may lead to premature joint problems. Silica promotes the deposit of calcium in the bones and helps produce natural bone remineralisation.


It is especially essential for athletes, convalescents, people suffering from tiredness and the elderly. The Silicium G5 liquid Siliplant uses only plant based organic silica for the best results !



  • Silicium G5 Liquid - 1 litre


Purified water, silicic acid, Equisetum arvense, Rosmarinus officinalis. Provides 360 mg / litre of organic silica.

Suggested Use

External use only.


External use only. If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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