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Sleep Pro - Chin Strap

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by Sleep Pro

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What is Sleep Pro Chin Strap?

Sleep Pro Chin Strap is the perfect treatment for open mouthed snorers.

Key Benefits

  • Proven to vastly reduce the problem of dry mouth during sleep
  • Simple, affordable anti-snoring device
  • Easy to clean (hand or machine wash)

Key Features

  • Adjustable design for easy positioning
  • Worn across the chin and around the top/back of head
  • Medically proven

What We Think

Around 80% of snorers are open-mouthed snorers, the chin support strap is one of the most economical solutions available.

Product Information

Wrapping around the chin and top/back of head, the device ensures that the snorers mouth remains closed during sleep. The exclusive one-piece, two strap design ensures comfort, whilst firmly remaining in position throughout the duration of your sleep. The chin support strap is affordable, long-lasting and after a few nights using it most snorers report that they do not even notice wearing it.


  • Sleep Pro - Chin Strap

Suggested Use

Adjustable design for easy positioning.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product.

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