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Sliquid - Naturals Sassy Anal Lubricant - 255ml

SKU: 26811

by Sliquid


Key Features

  • The Sliquid brand is the most natural lubricant on the market
  • Sassy has been created using additional plant cellulose, which results in an even thicker gel that adds more slide and padding, making it an exceptional lubricant to use during anal play
  • Sassy is a long-lasting water-based gel that will stay in place and is safe to use with sex toys and condoms
  • This larger 255ml bottle means you can be even more liberal with your application
  • Paraben-free, unscented, non-staining, Vegan-friendly and it doesn't include any desensitising agents; this really is a feel-good lubricant that will help to aid a more enjoyable experience for both partners


Sliquid Naturals Sassy Anal Lubricant 255ml is an evolution of the popular Sliquid Naturals H2O formula, which uses plant cellulose rather than glycerin as a thickening agent.

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