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Soothsoft - Chillow Pillow Mini

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by Soothsoft

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What is Chillow Pillow Mini?

It is a unique personal cooling pad that has a wide range of uses throughout the day. It is especially effective to ease you into a good night’s sleep!

Key Benefits

  • Helps relieve fevers and overheating
  • Great relief from sore muscles and swelling
  • Helps promote a good sleep

Key Features

  • Smaller size of Chillow Pillow 14.25"x10.5"x0.5"
  • New Hydro-Soothe membrane
  • Comfortably cool and dry

What We Think

With increased awareness in the media, alternative approaches to healing are growing.


To combat a variety pains and aches, many people deliberately choose to ignore prescription medicine and go with alternative remedies.


Is ideal to use for many aches and pains as well as fevers, hot flushes and sleep problems.

Product Information

The Chillow Pillow Mini is a unique, well made and high quality cooling pad with a multitude of benefits.


The pad is only two centimetres thick and when placed between your pillow and your head it will help relax your body and calm your mind. The Chillow Pillow Mini is activated only once by simply filling it with water. Once activated, it will always be ready for use whenever you need it without the need to activate it again.


The Chillow Pillow Mini is made from medical grade materials to provide safety and durability. The vacuum seal keeps hot air out and the patented core foam functioning at its coolest. Its soft and flexible surface is easily wiped clean and is allergy free.


The Chillow Pillow Mini is invaluable for people who suffer from hot flushes, fevers, night sweats, headaches, sunburn, muscle/joint pain, sporting injuries and many other conditions.

Who can benefit from the Chillow Pillow Mini?

Hot People

Some people have a high metabolism and are just simply hot all the time. Even in winter, we can overheat with hi-tog duvet covers and efficient central heating. People are also becoming more energy conscious.


Hot Pillows

Research suggests approximately 55% of all people will testify to turning over or moving their pillow in order to find a cool spot, so interrupting natural sleep patterns. This problem exists because pillows are made from materials and fabric that trap heat. The Chillow Pillow Mini is the only instant, simple, cost-effective solution on the market.


Flu & Fevers

The Chillow Pillow Mini is ideal for bringing body temperature down quickly and is especially helpful for children and adults suffering from a high temperature.



Thousands of people in the UK have frequent headaches. With its large, cool and dry surface area, combined with its ease of application, the Chillow Pillow Mini is the answer to many headache and migraine sufferers.


Back Pain & Sunburns

The common ice or gel pack is freezing cold, hard, wet and lumpy. Instead use the Chillow Pillow Mini, a soft flexible dry memory foam.. Cool at room temperature, Chillow Pillow Mini may be refrigerated for extra cooling power and longer lasting comfort.



Millions of people in the UK alone do not sleep well on a regular basis. This is clearly evident by the millions of pounds spent on sleep aids and remedies. The Chillow Pillow Mini can help you relax in the night-time right from the start. Its cooling and soothing effect seems to slow both the mental and physiological aspect of the body. Some report a tranquilizing effect.


  • Chillow Pillow Mini

Suggested Use

The Chillow Pillow Mini is activated once only by simply filling it with 3.3 pints of ordinary tap water. The water is fully absorbed into the patented, foam core. Please read the full instructions here.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Chillow Pillow Mini are answered here.


If you are in any doubt please contact us and/or your doctor prior to using the product. 

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